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PT Bakom Metal Industri is a genuine OEM class piston manufacturing, which produces all types of pistons for any motorcycle engines that exists in Indonesia. Through the usage of sophisticated machineries and precision tools ....

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standard piston
Standard Pistons
We provide a wide range of replacement piston for various brands such as honda, yamaha, kawasaki, suzuki with the same quality as genuine but at competitive prices.

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modification piston
Modification Pistons
Various forms of modifications made piston products improve engine performance. Good for drag race, road race and daily use for the purposes of making engine power increase.

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  BMI Piston Surface Treatment
  • Mo-Coating Piston
  • Hard Anodizing Piston
  • Tin Plating Piston
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Head Office & Factory :
 Jl. Aren No. 23 Narogong Km 18,Cileungsi - Bogor 16820 |  +62-21-824 99470 |  +62-21-824 99479 |